The Podium Peep Sight And Why You Need It

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Since the inception of the Podium Peep Sight it’s been a favorite among amateur and pro archers everywhere. Here at Archery Support, we wanted to give a rundown of what the podium peep is all about.

First off, you’re going to have two different string cuts or grooves in the peep sight.

These string grooves are designed to split the string and put the peep sight directly in the center of your bow string.
This way you’re always looking exactly through the center of your bow string.

The peep is drilled out in a manner so that you are always looking through the center of the peep, even if your eye isn’t perfectly centered and is off slightly left or right.

What you see through this great peep sight is going to be your true aiming point.

There are two angles in the podium peep sight.

One is at the 37 degree angle, and then if you flip the peep sight forward you’ve got a 45 degree angle. There is a little dimple that marks the 45 degree angle. This 45 degree angle cut is going to be for a steeper string angle.

Installing a peep sight is simple. If you need to know how here is how to do it without needing a bow press.

To further customize your Podium Peep you’re provided a full selection of apertures and clarifiers. These clarifiers are for matching the change in your scope power.

If you look down into the front of the peep you can see it’s threaded. The purpose of these threads is to receive apertures on the back side. These different size aperatures allow the archer to make a smaller size viewing hole through the peep.

One of the great things about the podium peep sight is that it is tool less.

This is great when adding any of the additions to it using the podium peep deluxe kit. In the kit you’ve got apertures of 1/32, 3/64th, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, and 5/32.

The 5/32 aperture it is the largest. If you want to add it to your peep simply place it in and tighten. No tools required and how nice that you don’t need an Allen Wrench to do this.

It’s just that simple. Let’s say you wanted to add a clarifier lens. There are five different clarifiers for your podium peep sight ranging from 0.3 to 3.0. The higher the clarifier number the higher your scope power generally is.

When you drop your clarifier lens into the peep it doesn’t matter which side of the lens is facing outward. It doesn’t matter how its oriented clockwise either. The Podium Peep sight is always going be centered perfectly.

The great thing is your vision through it is also going to be perfect, no matter what size aperature or clarifier you have set into the peep.

To seat the clarifier lens into the toolless aperture you’re just going to screw down on the top side. This way your clarifier lens is secured inside the peep hole.

Let’s say you’re out on the range and decide to change your aperture.

It’s a snap. Simply take the existing one out and get another one out of the kit.

Now all you need to do is screw it right back into where the other one previously was. It’s just that simple and easy.

Now let’s say that you are in the field and notice some glare coming in the back of the peep sight.

Lets say your podium peep with the clarifier lens is in, and the aperture is set but you’ve got the glare. At this point you can add the shade cap to the back end which is already threaded. And again there are no tools needed.

Here is a great video to help you with your Podium Peep Sight:

Generally the Podium Peep site won’t need any adjusting within the bowstring. However some lower end factory bow strings will tend to twist on you enough to hinder the view of your target through the peep sight. If this happens to you then here is a great resource that gives 4 easy methods to fix peep sight rotation.


There you have a finished peep. Its the Podium Peep with a clarifier, an aperture, and the sunshade. A full peep sight setup with everything installed, all without any tools.

There are several things to like about the Podium Peet Sight. One is the angles that are cut in the sight seem to be very true to where they need to be.

The versatility of the peep with two different angles is great and prevents needing two separate peep sights.

For different axial bows the front portion has a concave area going from the back of the peep all the way to the clarifier. This gives the archer a range where the peep doesn’t have to sit totally aligned with the target.

This allows your eye to be offset just a little and it won’t affect your downrange left and right issue. Being able to interchange clarifier lenses for the different scope magnifications is fantastic.

Add to that the versatility of the apertures as well thanks to the six different sizes of aperatures. It’s a great feature to not need to use a wrench any time while interchanging any parts of the peep sight.

Being able to remove the aperture with your fingers when on the fly out in the field is a dream come true, especially when lighting conditions change.

If you need to change something, whether it be for lighting or whatever, the different aperature sizes are going allow you to see your pin and target super clear.

Changing and experimenting with different aperature insert sizes is something a lot of people don’t experiment with enough. It makes the archers job super easy when they want to change features while they are at the range.

Lets say your pin is a little fuzzy. In that case you can go with a smaller aperture. If it’s a little dark out and your target becomes dark, then you would know it’s time to put a bigger aperature in, allowing you to find that happy medium.

With the different color peeps available, you can use the white since it’s a lighter peep. This would be so you can find it quickly and precisely on the string and much better and easier in darker conditions.

Most people absolutely love the fact that it’s completely tool less. This along with the ability to get to either side of the peep quickly and easily makes this one of the top rated peep sights available to archers today.

The Podium Peep Sight has been proven by numerous pro’s out on the 3D course and Target line. These archers include: Lewis Holmes III, Andy Callaway, Jack Wallace, and Chris Perkins.

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