After owning several bows throughout the years and watching the materials become better and stronger I’ve been truly amazed. I’m Martin Hamilton and recently bought a bow from my local sporting goods store right off their store rack to see for myself how advanced the current mainstream popular bows have evolved.

The power and accuracy of the newer style cams is completely amazing. The RTH bows are of great quality, the price is very low, and they have amazing accuracy out of the box. There has never been a time in history that the sport of Archery has been this good. After looking online for answers to many questions people were asking me about the sport, I found very few good answers and few solid sources.

I decided to start this site so people can have a very accurate resource that provides them with top level expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Something they can go to when they need proper guidance and thorough answers to their many questions about Archery. Where you, the advancing archer, can get very clear and straight-forward advice that will instantly make you better, stronger, and safer in this truly amazing and fulfilling sport…

Safety is the number one concern which was learned through my sixteen year career as an FAA licensed Aviation Maintenance Technician for United. While solving many problems on the large jetliners we encountered on a daily basis in our industry, I was able to learn in depth about advanced composites and metals. To understand how they perform under high-stress loads as well as in harsh weather and environmental conditions. I’ve now transferred that knowledge into the sport of Archery for the benefit of everyone.

Ensuring no archer is harmed by equipment failure or bad advice is of primary concern also. 

I write many of the articles on this site and also serve as the Chief Editor and Content Manager.

I am also very fortunate to work with a talented staff of researchers and writers that are very good at what they do. We all take our time to get the very best information available through solid research. We are specific and patient to directly contact industry leaders and product manufacturers for the best answers based on solid principles, advice, experience and science.

Once the final editing is complete, these articles are published so your answers and information are presented in clear, concise, and easy to read and understand format on the site. The goal is always ensuring every reader is satisfied because of the result they receive.

What’s most exciting is about what the future is going to bring to our incredible sport. The bows are going to have faster speeds and arrow technology is going to only get better! Welcome to Archery Support™.